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Club Diary Dates & Events

Calendars for all DogsSA events, and for all dogsports,
and one for just Obedience & Rally events, are available at :

2018 Annual General meeting ….. November 25th @ 10 a.m.

Dover's calendar year includes two annual official Obedience competitions,
in May and October,
in 2018 those dates are Sunday May 13, and Sunday October 14th,
and at least one Mock Trial.

The club's October trial in 2018 is scheduled to be a double Rally Obedience trial.
 There will be no regular class training on those dates.
On Mock Trial days, normal class training is conducted, but may be re-located within the grounds.
A Mock trial offers the opportunity for members of this club and others, to assess
their own readiness for competition under trial conditions, and offers guidance from experienced judges
aimed at  improving ring skills,  presentation and etiquette. Anyone who is considering entering
Obedience events during the year is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

    A calendar of all such events (and those for other Dogsports such as Flyball,
    Agility & Jumping, Tracking, and Herding ) can be found on the DogObedienceSA
       web-site, but events specifically for members of our own club will be featured here and up-dated as the year progresses :

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demonstration at one of Dover's Fun Days
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