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  Dogs' Titles

        What do the letters before and/or after a dog's name mean ?
 Wherever in your reading you find reference to the results of canine competitions, or write-ups on individual dogs, you may have seen a series of letters before or after a dog's name, and wondered
what they signify.
 You may also have noticed that some dogs' names are written up differently: the usual practice
 is to put inverted commas around a pet-name, but not a kennel or pedigree name.
     There is a bewildering array of 'titles' on offer to dogs in Dogsports competition in different 
 classes of Obedience, Flyball, Agility, Jumping, Tracking, Herding, Conformation (the Show-ring)
 Rally Obedience, Retrieving, Earthdog, Dancing With Dogs, and others which are less common.
      Letters before the name indicate a Championship achieved, most frequently in the Show-ring,
 which will appear as Ch. or Aust. Ch.(you may also see N.Z.Ch.or Am.Ch.or similar, indicating
 titles gained overseas)  There are Obedience Champions too, O.C. We also have in this Club a
 T.Ch. (Tracking) and at least one dog with a Dual Ch. (Championships gained in two different
 disciplines, Conformation and one other) and even a Triple Champion who has gained her titles
 in the show-ring as well as in Obedience and Tracking. Hovever, the initials you will see most
 often, and may already be aspiring towards yourself, are:
         C.C.D. :  Community Companion Dog , the entry level title in Obedience
         C.D. :   Companion Dog;  Novice Obedience
         C.D.X. : Companion Dog Excellent: Open Obedience
         U.D.      Utility Dog:   Utility Obedience
         U.D.X. : Utility Dog Excellent 

         R.N.   :  Rally Novice     

 :  Rally Advanced

:  Rally Excellent

         R.A.E. :  Rally Advanced Excellent

:   Rally Master

.  :    Flyball Dog

         F.D.X.    Flyball Dog Excellent

         FDCh. :  Flyball Dog Champion

         AFCh. :  Australian Flyball Champion

         F.M. :     Flyball Dog Master

         F.M.X. :  Flyball Dog Master Excellent

         FMCh. :  Flyball Dog Master Champion

         Onyx  :   Onyx Plaque

         FDGCh. : Flyball Dog Grand Champion
         A.D.  :    Agility Dog:  3 passes in Novice Agility
         A.D.X. :  Agility Dog Excellent:   5 Passes in Excellent

         A.D.O. :  Agility Dog Open
         A.D.M.    Agility Dog Master:

         J.D.,  JD.X., &  J.D.M
. Jumping titles parallel to Agility

         Ag.Ch.:  Agility Champion which requires consistent excellence
                       in both Agility & Jumping competition following ADM & JDM titles

         G.D., G.D.X., & GDM :  Gamblers titles in Agility Games

         S.D., S.D.X., & SDM :   Snooker titles in Agility Games

         S.P.D., S.P.D.X., & S.P.DM :  Strategic Pairs titles in Agility Games

         T.D.,  &  T.D.X
.  Tracking Dog, etc:  Tracking titles gained over a series
                                  of increasingly difficult courses; only conducted in winter.
         T.Ch.: Tracking Champion
          FS.S. / H.T.M.S.   Freestyle & Heelwork to Music are two branches of Dances With Dogs
                                      in each of which there are four levels of competition leading towards
          FS.N. / H.T.M.N.   Champion status, the introductory level class being Starters, followed
                                       by Novice, and progressivly Intermediate and Advanced.

          FS.I. / H.T.M.I.     

          FS.A / H.T.M.A.

          E.T.      Endurance Test: 20km supervised group ride/run with the dog
                      being vet-checked at prescribed breaks; only conducted in winter.

        Gr.Ch. : Grand Champion: Conformation (show-ring) title achieved
                       by dogs being awarded their 'Champion' title ten times over

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