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         Copies of the official DogsSA entry form can be purchased from the club  office, but can also be computer-generated at home as long as the resulting entry is in  exactly the same format as the official version, so a template is provided below:

                This form provides two entries on an A-4 sheet of paper,
          each of which must be trimmed to size before being submitted.
         The acceptable size for each is to be approximately 82 mm x 270 mm
         which is not the same width or height as an A4 page:
         NB:  printer settings need to be at 'current view' not 'fit to page'

       Trialers are encouraged to use this form and to be aware that all clubs'
      Trial Secretaries are entitled to reject any forms which are incomplete,
      unsigned, or which do not comply with DogsSA's requirements in any way.
       While the blank format can be downloaded and filled in by hand, they've
       been designed to be completed electronically; but as always, each form
       submitted must include the original signature of the registered owner
N.B: it is not necessary to complete the 'Sire'/'Dam' information for trials.

                     Click here for a 'Publisher' entry format
Click here  for a 'Word' entry format          
                       Click here for a Title Application format   ( Congratulations ! )
            The DogsSA Obedience Advisory Committee's web-site provides a guide
      to completing an entry form in the most comprehensive manner to meet the
     needs of Trial Secretaries:









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