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 Grade 1:
          This is a socialisation class. We cover all the exercises you will encounter in Grade 2, but
     at this early stage, the emphasis is on socialisation, not how well the exercises are performed.

     We also answer questions and discuss health & grooming issues, toilet training, and any other
     dog-related subject you wish to raise.
 The dogs remain on lead.
     While you're learning the required exercises, commands, signals and how to read your dog's
     body language, your dog is learning how to behave around other dogs and people.
     Most exercises are outlined in the 'Welcome to Dover' booklet you received at enrolment :
     e.g: Watching
            Leave it
            Heeling on loose lead without pulling or dragging. Treats and or toys are encouraged
            Keeping it fun is essential
            Sit on command, again with the use of motivating toys or treats being encouraged.
            Right about turn
            Come : Recall backwards from heelwork. Later on, your dog will sit and 'present'.
            Stay Leave your dog in a sit position for three seconds while you move away
            Instructors assess class members individually for readiness to progress to Grade 2
                                               ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~        
     Grade 2 :

      Work towards developing an 'On/off' switch
for your dog
  Build on the commands /exercises outlined above for Grade 1,

         i.e: Watch, Heel, Leave it, Sit, Sit-Stay (about 10 seconds), Sit for Examination, Stand,
               Right About Turn, Fun Recall (on lead and coming in to a Sit
position facing the handler)
               and introducing the Left About Turn, and the Drop position.

         Graduation Requirements
on loose lead
            Sit on command
            Sit for examination by the handler's side
            Sit stay
- 10 seconds
                                                ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

     Grade 3 

           Heel on loose lead without pulling
           Sit on command, gradually phase out the verbal command to sit -> Automatic Sit

           Right about turn  and introduce Left about turn and Circle Left/Circle Right
           Stand on command, gradually phasing out physical support to the dog's position
           Sit Stay 15 seconds. 
           Sit for examination
, by the handler's side
           Fun recall on lead : Backward run & recall : introduce recall from a 'Wait'

           Introduce different paces (slow, medium and fast)

      Graduation Requirements :

           Heel on loose lead of a, higher standard than in Grade 2
          Automatic sit
          Stand for examination
- The handler can use the left hand to support the dog
          Drop - The use of food is acceptable at this stage.
          Sit stay
- 15 seconds 
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~                      

    Grade 4   

of a higher standard, incorporating all three paces, about turns & positions
Automatic sit
             Stand on command and Stand stay
             Recall from a 'wait'
             Introduce finish
             Introduce Figure-8
       Graduation Requirements:
on loose lead including all paces, turns & positions
             Automatic sit
             Stand for examination
             Stays   (30- second sit stay and the 90-second Drop Stay from any distance)

                                              ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

   Grade 5

work  largely off-lead, of a consistent high standard, maintaining focus and incorporating
                             all paces, turns and circles, including the Figure-8, and all positions on the move.

           Stand Free & Stand for Examination
           Automatic sit
           Short recall off-lead, or if necessary, on a long lead.
           Stays :  1 minute sit stay; 2 minute drop stay

      Graduation Requirements
                 Graduation from Grade 5 is evidenced by a 'Pass' in CCD or CD competition.







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