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        Flyball is a relay race between two competing teams, each team
        comprising four dogs and their handlers.
 Dogs from each team race in turn over parallel courses of four hurdles to the
 Flyball box, where they trigger a pedal to retrieve a tennis ball, and return over
the jumps to the start/finish line, where the next dog eagerly awaits its turn to race.
        The winning team is determined by the foursome taking the least time
        for all dogs to complete the course without faults.

           Training: (Sunday mornings)
09.15 - 10.00 a.m.  Team training
                     10.15 - 11.00 a.m.  Beginners/Intermediate classes
                        11.15 - 12 noon      Beginners/Intermediate classes  
       these staggered class times allow club members to attend both an Obedience class and Flyball

         Everyone with a ball-oriented dog over 12 months old,
       with basic (off lead) obedience, is welcome.

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            Flyball has been around in Australia for about ten years, but is still not
        as well-known as, for instance Agility, with Dover being one of only two
        clubs in this state promoting and competing in the sport. South Australia

            currently hosts three Flyball competitions each year, with some of Dover's
        team members travelling to the many other events held interstate for more
        opportunities to qualify towards titles. Those who try Flyball quickly become
        addicted to it, and certainly the dogs love the sport and are keen to race.

        As with Obedience and Agility, Flyball in Australia is usually conducted
        outdoors, but because not many events are held locally, it can be difficult
        for people who are interested to see the sport in action to find a venue,
        so a couple of links are provided here for you to watch Flyball indoors,
        on You-tube:

     You can download a brochure about Flyball at Dover here

            The Australian Flyball Association's web-site will also be of interest, and
       offers a membership application form which can be completed on-line here


  Please contact Rachel by phone on 0403 855 180 or by email
for more information on Dover's Flyball activities.

Despite the infrequency of these events in S.A., many Dover Flyball competitors have 
the Australian Flyball Champion title : our club members have done us proud,
with one of our instructors, Martin Watt, being an accredited National level Flyball judge.

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